Parity Partners is committed to bringing great talent to iconic firms, creating valuable career development programs and advising businesses on their diversity and inclusion strategies. 

Parity Partners was created by investment professionals who recognize the adverse impact resulting from the dearth of female and minority leadership in high impact sectors. Parity has developed a end-to-end solution to increase gender parity and diversity in high impact sectors.

We are committed to building the world's largest diversity talent database and helping our clients meet their broader diversity goals. We are fueled by the fact that diverse teams perform better.

Industry commitment to gender, ethnic, and skill diversity is at an all time high, but firms are struggling to put this commitment into practice. Parity Partners works with high impact companies to help them realize their diversity goals through providing advice, educational programs, and executive search services.

PArity Search

We work with top tier companies who are committed to change to find and recruit diverse talent. 

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PaRity Professional Program (P3)

Helping women accelerate their careers through targeted curriculum and curated community building.

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